Phoenix Technology’s New Kick Lite O/U Stock

    New for 2015 at Phoenix Technology is the Kick Lite Over/Under Stock. The new stocks are available for the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870. Since I took a look at the new stocks at SHOT Show and not on a range I don’t yet know if they absorb recoil as advertised, but I did try mounting the shotguns to my shoulder there at the Phoenix Technology booth. The stocks fit snugly and solidly to my shoulder and also felt comfortable in my hands. One of the reps at the booth demonstrated the recoil-absorbing system by pumping the stock against the floor, demonstrating a springing motion that should direct recoil away from the shooter’s body. I look forward to trying one of these out for myself.


    From Phoenix Technology:

    Phoenix Technology Kick Lite stocks are built with a  fully integrated and maintenance-free recoil absorbing system which allows up to 3/4″ reward motion of receiver to absorb and dissipate energy a generous 40-50%. Developed with shooters of all types in mind, the patented Kick Lite system features a heavy duty spring and aluminum shaft working  in a linear motion to greatly reduce the harsh recoil of common shotgun loads. Available for many popular shotguns and rifles in both the tactical style with the telescoping stock, pistol grip sporter style and several new O/U style stock configurations for 2015.


    The new stocks are available in black, flat dark earth, urban grey, and camo. Phoenix Technology’s products are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. MSRP is $109 although there is an additional fee for the camo stock.

    Visit their website at:

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