Kestrel Sportsman

    Designed to bring the full suite of weather and environmental measurements along with Applied Ballistics ballistic solutions to hunters and sport shooters at an affordable price, the new Kestrel Sportsman weather meter also uses Bluetooth (on Bluetooth models) to connect wirelessly with phones or mobile devices to display shooting solutions while allowing the meter to remain in an optimal position for the most accurate readings.

    The ballistics software comes pre-loaded with customizable gun/bullet options and allows shooters to store up to 16 personalized combinations.

    It will have an MSRP of $429. It does not include some of the more advanced features of the Kestrel 4500 Shooter Weather Meters, but the Sportsman is designed to provide everything needed for shots up to 800 yards while also providing a savings over the $619 MSRPs of the top-end units required by professionals. A Bluetooth spotter pack includes the Bluetooth version of the Sportsman and a weather vane tripod. The spotter pack will retail for $160.

    Shelby Murdoc

    Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and