Hi-Lux Pentalux DMR and Long Range Tactical Scopes – SHOT Show Optic Preview

    Almost four years in the making, Hi-Lux displays their new PentaLux line of DMR and long range scopes at the SHOT Show.  In Latin, penta means five, as in 5x magnification ratio of both models. Those will be available in 2-10x42mm and 4-20x50mm models. Hi-Lux is planning to release the PentaLux scopes by the summer.



    The Hi-Lux PentaLux 2-10x42mm. At just 12-inch long and 17.6 ounce, this mid-range model would make a good designated marksman rifle scope. The capped adjustment turrets features 1/10 Mil per click. The zoom ring comes with a short cat-tail lever.



    The eye relief is a very generous 4-inch constant for both models. On the 2-10x42mm model, the field of view is 48.7 ft at 2x and 9.7 ft at 10x at 100 yards. The exit pupil is 17.5mm-4mm. The MSRP for the 2-10x42mm model is around $599.



    The 2nd focal plane reticle is illumined and it comes with either red or green color illumination like the Hi-Lux CMR series. The reticle has a large horse for close up. A unique design of the reticle is that the hash marks on the left side of the center line are in mils and the hash marks on the rights are in MOA. The range finders on either side are also correspondent with both system.



    The adjustment and reticle is identical to the 2-10x42mm model. Like the smaller mid-range model, the illumination system is powered by a single lithum CR2032 battery. The 4-20x50mm model added the parallax adjustment turret on the left side. The longer range model has the field of view of 25.1 ft at 4x and 8.37 ft at 20x at 100 yards. It’s 14.5 inches in length and weights 22 ounces.



    While it has a larger 50mm object but the tube size remain the same 30mm size as the mid-range model. The exit pupil is 9.52mm at 4x and s bit tight at 2.44mm at 20x. The Hi-Lux PentaLux 4-20x50mm model will be retails for $649 MSRP.


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