Coonan Compact 1911 in .357 Magnum

    Coonan, Inc. was on my list of stops for SHOT this year and also came recommended by a friend whose opinion I trust. As I had written in an earlier review, my irrational view is that a 1911 should be chambered in .45 ACP. Coonan’s evolution of the platform is a 1911 in .357 Magnum.

    They have been making them for a number of years and have a very limited number of variations, and I’ve heard that they do them very well (I can’t attest to that as I’ve never fired one). What I can confirm is that the appearance and feel of the weapons on display in their booth was impressive. Everything just fit together well–the machining was superb. And the models that I handled fit very well in my hand (of course that is a personal thing though, YMMV).

    The new item they were showing off was their Compact version.


    * Caliber: .357 Magnum (will chamber and fire .38 Spc; may be some cycling sensitivity)
    * Barrel Length: 4″
    * Construction: Stainless Steel
    * Magazine Capacity: 6 Rounds + 1
    * Weight: 39 oz (empty)/ 45.5 oz loaded
    * Length: 7.7″
    * Height: 5.4″
    * Width: 1.3″
    * Sights: Dovetail Front and Rear, Fixed White Dot Sights
    * Grips: Smooth Black Walnut

    * Black DuraCoat with Fixed Serrated Night Sights and Fully Checkered Black Aluminum Grips
    * Additional Magazines
    * Grip Options

    I would definitely be interested in firing one sometime. Does anyone here have experience with one? I’d love to hear some “in the field” feedback.

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