Blackhawk QuickMod Magazine Cases

    Who here remembers Blackhawk in their early days (raise your hand)? I do. Mainly just some well made MOLLE gear. They have obviously grown since then and have been pretty aggressive at adding new product lines (some of which you will see in more posts this week from other writers).

    I had a chance to talk with a rep and get a little hands on with their new composite magazine cases which were designed with 3-Gun in mind. Now that I have been sucked into the expensive past-time/hobby of 3-Gun I was interested to see what Blackhawk was offering. Though not exclusively for 3-Gun (these cases can work in military and law enforcement contexts), there is definitely a leaning toward that usage.

    They have two basic products: one that will accommodate single (or double) stack pistol magazines (it has a built in tensioner spring) and the other for common 20-30 round AR-15 magazines. Each holder features a quick-detach belt attachment with a full 360 degrees of angle adjustment. They are made of temperature and crush resistant injection-molded polymer. The QD system can adjust for different size belts and the cant angle can be fixed or movable.


    Rifle case on belt,rotated 90 degrees


    Side view of the belt attachment


    Front view (with better lighting) of the belt attachment


    Pistol version


    Pistol version installed on belt and rotated down. It is actually in there pretty solid. I didn’t have time to have the rep do “side-straddle-hops”…


    The pistol version will retail for $40.95 and the rifle for $51.45.

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