Target Vision

    The Target Vision camera system allows target shooters to have a good, clear view of their targets even at long range. It combines a camera placed near the target and an app installed on a phone or mobile device. The camera communicates wirelessly with the app, instantly displaying hits and allowing the shooter to mark them quickly and easily on the displayed image.

    The app can take snapshots of the target as desired and it can record continuous video for a full replay of the shooting session. Shooters can mark their hits with different colors, allowing easy sorting of different shooters, loads, or sight adjustments.

    The camera creates its own Wi-Fi to communicate with the app and will run for up to 16 hours.

    The Target Vision is available in short range (up to 300 yard) and long range (up to 1 mile). The short range comes with a camera tripod and retails for $595. The long range kit comes with a USB charging station, a receiver unit to make the extended ranges possible, and a Pelican case for easy, safe transport.

    Target Vision Long Range Kit

    Target Vision Long Range Kit

    Shelby Murdoc

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