SilencerCo’s Omega Silencer

    SilencerCo’s Omega silencer is new for 2015, and it’s designed to embody everything good about each of the company’s previous .30 cal centerfire rifle silencers. Perhaps its greatest feature is the one its meant for – its superior silence – but it’s also shorter and lighter than previous models at 7.09″ long and 14 ounces. Trying a variety of the company’s silencers today at 2015 Industry Day at the Range proved the hope behind the Omega is true, because it really does perform quite well. Its lighter weight helps to balance out the rifle and it is impressively quiet.


    From SilencerCo:

    * Lightest full auto rated silencer on the market at 14 ounces
    * Shortest .30 caliber silencer available when using direct thread configuration
    * Quietest .30 caliber silencer when using quick detachment ASR mount (included)
    * Stellite blast baffle and titanium tube offer exceptional durability
    * Warrantied for short barrels down to 10″ .223 Rem/5.56NATO, 16″
    * .308/7.62mm NATO and 20″ barrels for magnum calibers
    * Multi caliber from 5.7mm to .300WM
    * Anchor Brake reduces felt recoil on a .308 to a .243 Winchester level
    * Comes with direct thread mount (available separately), quick detach ASR™ mount, and muzzle brake.
    * Compatible with Harvester Big Bore direct thread mounts and all existing Specwar ASR™ muzzle   devices”
    To take a look at the Omega on SilencerCo’s website:
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