SHOT Show 2015: LMT Booth

    LMT had two of the coolest new products, even if most of us can’t own one of them:  a modular M203 grenade launcher system.  The M203 tube attaches to the system, which has a robust Picatinny rail along the “topcover”, and, at the rear of the frame, there are attachment points for AR15 lower furniture, so you have a stand-alone single shot grenade launcher with your choice of grip, stock, and optics.  It looks amazing as well, and feels sturdy to the point of indestructibility.

    The second new product is LMT’s new .308 AR system that managed to shave almost a full pound off of the standard 10 pound AR10/.308 AR system through some smart barrel tapering under the handguard and implementation of an aluminum barrel extension.  There’s some possibility of military interest in this redesigned .308 (recall that LMT supplies .308s to the British government), and no doubt civilians will be interested in a light weight but heavy duty .308 AR.

    LMT will also be producing a new rail-mounted laser sight (see picture below).  The laser tech was not in the booth at the time, so I didn’t get the specs, but I did snap a pic.

    Finally, LMT is now selling the Mk18 upper (the 10.5 upper supplied to the US military) to the civilian market branded as the “LMT-18”.

    Great spread from LMT as usual, as one might expect from a top shelf AR manufacturer.

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