Seek Thermal

    Okay I’ll be the first to admit I like gadgets.  The more techie the better.  I’ve been considering buying a FLIR One for a while now, but once I upgraded to my iPhone 6 I was out of luck (they are supposed to have one upcoming).

    Well, today at Range Day, Seek Thermal had a booth and I got a chance to get hands on with a product.  While not strictly a firearm product it does have some related applications.  And you could technically get one of those rail mount phone holders and rig up a fairly cheap thermal sight.

    Thermal imaging products are generally expensive. The Seek comes in at a svelt $199.00, and will work on both iOS and Android (the iPhone specific one actually licenses the lightning connector chip).

    One of the cool features is the zoom capability (which works like a SLDR camera lens), and the rep said that you can see out to about 2000ft with it (it was a bit warm on the range so I couldn’t verify that).  The app is really what makes it though.  It has a ton of features including things like the ability to set a temperature range filter.  Want to get rid of anything except for “deer” that you are hunting?  Dial the temperature range up to exclude anything lower than 90 degrees (or whatever).  And there are dozens of more features like split screen overlays, different color and contrast modes and the ability to save shots, to name a few.

    The biggest complaint I could field with it is that it is not weatherproof.  But for $200 thermal tech I don’t think that is a deal breaker.

    They are available now from Amazon and directly from the Seek Thermal website.


    Phone side view


    Front of unit view. You can rotate that bezel for zoom. (sorry about the glare)


    Super exciting product box shot.


    Technical Specs:

    • iOS Lightening Thermal Camera
    • Works on iOS devices running iOS 7+ See Device List for Compatibility
    • True Thermal Sensor
    • 206 x 156 Array
    • 32,136 Thermal Pixels
    • 12μ Pixel Pitch
    • Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
    • Chalcogenide Lens
    • 36° Field of View
    • Magnesium Housing
    • Long Wave Infrared 7.2 – 13 Microns
    • -40C to 330C Detection
    • < 9Hz
    • Includes Protective Carrying Case
    • Model: LW-AAA

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