Phalanx Smart Holsters 2015

    At 2013 SHOT we had reviewed the Phalanx.  John Rassias was back this year and I had a chance to stop by his booth for a quick chat.  The product has gotten some updates since then which definitely increase the versatility.

    John has put together a system that protects against gun grabs and accidental discharges while also offering  a very rapid draw, from really any position, standing or seated, and without telegraphing the draw.

    The system is highly modular and can be configured to work as a duty holster, concealable (though this is going to print more heavily), surface mountable (think bed frame or nightstand), thigh panel, or as a strapless shoulder holster.

    There are two core models that are “auto-loading” in the sense that drawing will chamber a round (there are some people that carry without a round in the chamber, and of course the “Israeli Carry” method), and a “loaded” model.  In both cases, the gun in the holster is “out of battery”, one to a smaller degree than the other.

    The Phalanx also provides a relatively secure storage method with use of a locking pin to will prevent the firearm from being extracted from the holster (not to the determined thief, but think small kids, etc).

    Overall I think it is a pretty interesting design, and I personally like the idea of a solid mount holster that I could attach to a bed frame, etc.  It is pretty bulky so depending on your carry preference, concealment may be an issue.



    Furniture mount option


    Inside view of locking mechanism. it basically hooks into the breach.


    In holster


    Belt mount


    It can handle weapon mounted accessories.


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