Kel-Tec’s New Sub2000 Ver. 2.0

    At the Shot Show Range, Kel-Tec brought out their new Sub2000. They refer to the previous version as “Version 1 or Generation 1”. This new Generation 2 has a completely new front sight, handguard, reciever and stock.

    The new Sub2000 has an AR style front post. A much better improvement over the lexan red blade sight. It has elevation and windage adjustments. The front sight can be removed to expose a threaded barrel so you can run a suppressor of you wanted.



    The handguard is noticeably narrower which helps with a c-clamp style grip if you are so inclined. Kel-Tec’s grip texture, seen on the PMR-30 and KSG, can be seen on the rear of the handguard and of course the pistol grip. There are molded picatinny rails  on top and bottom of the handguard. There are M-Lok holes on the sides of the handguard.

    The reciever is a new design and more ergonomic.


    The stock has some new sling loop points to be compatible with a Magpul MS3 sling. There is a short molded picatinny rail that allows the user to mount a sling mount. The stock has three LOP adjustment settings

    The test model I shot was in a Glock 9mm configuration.  It however did not drop free from the grip when I tried to remove the magazine. There was a significant amount of friction. We shall see if that carries through to the production models.

    Unfortunately these upgrades are not reverse compatible with your Generation 1 Sub2000. I was a little dissapointed, I was hoping to at least change the stock and handguard on mine.

    One of the reps from Kel-Tec, said that they will be putting out 9 or 10 different versions of this gun. Caliber swaps and magazine options. They plan to make S&W M&P and Springfield XD compatible versions. However those are for later in the next coming years.


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