GSG MP-40 in 9mm?

    Stopping into the German Sport Guns (GSG) booth found me eye goggling a very nice piece of WWII history, the MP-40. This was not the version currently offered by GSG in .22LR, and imported to the United States by American Tactical Imports; no, this one was chambered in the original 9x19mm. As a huge WWII history buff, I was immediately interested in the potential of having a semi-auto version of a weapon that infamously made history.

    GSG's add for the MP-40 in 9mm.

    GSG’s add for the MP-40 in 9mm.

    My intent staring (drooling) must have attracted floor representative, Andreas Speichinger. I’m not sure if he was thrilled at my interest or worried about a grab-and-go! Despite the language barrier I was able to learn that the GSG MP-40 in 9mm is just a prototype, but GSG was going to gauge the feedback from SHOT Show attendees to determine if this version would be popular enough to mass produce.

    Holding the GSG 9mm MP-40 was very nice.

    Holding the GSG 9mm MP-40 was very nice.

    Say what?! Of course a 9mm version of the MP-40 would be popular. There was no language barrier in my exclamation. Being only Tuesday, Andreas told me that so far responses had been overwhelmingly positive, so the GSG MP-40 in 9mm may become a reality by 2016. The dimensions are very similar but not exact to the original MP-40. Though labelled “Schmeisser” by GSG, I believe the original MP-40 was designed by Heinrich Vollmer (Hugo Schmeisser designed the predecessor MP-18, but did not design the MP-40).

    The GSG MP-40 in 9mm with its detachable 32-round magazine.

    The GSG MP-40 in 9mm with its detachable 32-round magazine.

    Interestingly, Andreas attempted to describe GSG’s new locking and rotating bolt design for the MP-40 9mm that deviates from the original inertia straight blow back design. I’m sorry I can’t elaborate any further because the language break down hit a wall at the more technical components of the design. It is safe to say that the GSG MP-40 9mm action will not be the original design, and it was unclear why they would deviate on such an important function. Perhaps there are some German patents in the way.

    Before you get you wet your chops too soon, Andreas emphasized that the 9mm version  has not gone anywhere beyond prototype level. There has been no major retooling for a mass run, no submission to BATFE for import approval, and no limited runs for special buyers. In fact, with a barrel of only 9.96 inches, GSG will likely have to jump through some hoops to make a general public viable version.

    Here are the GSG 9mm statistics for now:

    • Length – 23.82 inches (605mm) without stock
    • Length with stock – Approximately 31.5 inches (800mm) – prototype did not have one
    • Barrel Length – 9.96 inches (253mm)
    • Weight (unloaded) – Approximately 8.26 pounds (3.75 Kg) – Andreas wasn’t positive
    • Capacity – shown with a 32-round straight magazine.
    • MSRP – Unknown (I’m guessing in the $1000 neighborhood)
    • Delivery Date – 2016 if we’re lucky!
    Even without the collapsible stock, the GSG MP-40 9mm was great to hold.

    Even without the collapsible stock, the GSG MP-40 9mm was great to hold.

    Though the .22LR version had the original collapsible stock, but it also comes with an integrated fake suppressor to meet BATFE 16-inch barrel length restrictions. I guess they could call it a really long and heavy pistol! Andreas also said that GSG would likely make a 10-round magazine if the MP-40 9mm becomes a reality. It’s unknown at this time what GSG might do to make the MP-40 in 9mm acceptable to the gun nazis (pun intended)!


    Aaron is a life-long firearm enthusiast and hunter. He has been a police officer for nearly 19 years, and currently is a Sergeant in Special Operations. He has served on the department’s SWAT Team for 14 years, with 8 years as the Sniper Team Leader. When not fussing over fractions of inches, and gut-less wonders, he can usually be found sipping from a ridiculously large coffee mug. Aaron is also the editor and main writer at