COBALT KINETICS is actually bringing something innovative to the market.  It is an AR-15 platform that has a “dual-drop forward assist”.  Wrap your head around that a second.  I was a little confused myself at first, but once I got to hold the prototype, I totally got it.

    In their nomenclature it is:

    the patent-pending DD (Dual Drop) multi-functional, rear-actuated bolt release

    It is machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, sports a beveled magazine, and has threaded pins for faster and easier breakdown and assembly.

    It felt super natural to hold and I can see (and feel the utility).  As soon as you have a positive grip your thumb is right in position to access the bolt release.  It still has the traditional catch and release. The machining is well done and very smooth, and the platform will come in a number of colors and metallic finishes.

    They are still a few months away from wide availability, but I am definitely going to keep watch.  With any luck I can get an early T&E model in and do an in-depth review.


    Rear view


    Side view. It still has the traditional catch so you can rearward lock the bolt.


    Top view. The symmetry makes my OCD happy.


    Closer in view of the left side release.

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