FLIR announces next-gen FLIR ONE

    At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), FLIR announced the next-gen FLIR ONE, a mobile add-on that turns your iOS or Android device into a thermal reading Predator machine (sans lasers and weapons). This announcement is probably most notable for hunters, but also for the tech-geeks who like to play with toys.


    Predator thermal vision in your pocket.

    Get to da choppa!

    Get to da choppa!


    The most noteworthy announcement is that the FLIR ONE will be available for Android devices.


    From the press release:

    “With the introduction of FLIR ONE, we helped iPhone users discover a superpower through thermal imaging,” said Jeff Frank, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at FLIR. “With the next-gen FLIR ONE, we’re thrilled to extend that superpower to Android users as well, while also supporting a range of Apple devices all combined into a lighter, more powerful package.”

    When connected to an applicable Android device via the microUSB port or an Apple Device via the lightning connector, depending on the version, the FLIR ONE attachment operates through the FLIR ONE app, which displays live infrared imagery that allows users to see the world from a thermal perspective. FLIR ONE detects invisible heat energy, allowing consumers to “see” and measure subtle changes in temperature. By observing minute variations in temperature, FLIR ONE equips consumers with practical solutions, from spotting energy leaks at home, locating a missing pet at night, or seeing in complete darkness.

    The next-generation FLIR ONE can be used as an even more effective tool in a range of situations thanks to its increased thermal power, including:

    • Home improvement: More clearly identify and pinpoint heat loss, energy inefficiency and water leaks.
    • Outdoor adventures: Observe wildlife at a greater distance, day or night, survey a campsite, or find a lost pet.
    • Security and safety: See at night more clearly than ever, detect intruders, and see through light fog and smoke.
    • Creativity: Observe abstract patterns and create artistic images with greater thermal detail.

    The FLIR ONE will be available for pre-order online from mid-year and will be available through retail partners across the globe later this year. For more information, please visit

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