SV Infinity Machined Steel Grips

    I got a chance to feel a SV Infinity yesterday and boy is it nice. Matt Trout is a grandmaster in USPSA and the SV infinity is his gun. The one aspect of the gun that stood out for me was the steel grips and the texture that SV machines into them. It is similar to stippling but it is better than stippling. It was ridiculously grippy and the weight really helped with the balance. I wish I could have test drove it to see what a race gun feels like when driven fast.


    Here are some pictures I found off SV’s website. The picture below does not convey the texture well. The grip that Matt had looks like small stars/points. The circles overlap each other to get that type of texture. You can see in the anodized red grips below they have a similar texture. I wish more gun manufacturers did this.

    f04 AS-GRIP-005-3L

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