Odd Guns: PS90 SBR

    If there ever was a gun that you could use as the poster-child of being aesthetically odd, the P90 and its semi auto counterpart, the PS90 certainly would be very strong candidates. The bullpup design of FN Herstal’s P90 make it look like a science fiction throwback, but if a consumer can get past the odd appearance of the system then they really are getting a fun shooter. The subject of this review will be a semi automatic only PS90 that is a registered short barreled rifle. I would love to have a select fire one, but unfortunately the conversion parts are hard to come by.

    Anyways, as stated the PS90 just looks strange:


    I ditched the factory rail on top and put a mini ACOG mount on top that I bought from TROS USA.


    I also added a Gemtech G5 suppressor adapter, but suppressing 5.7x28mm is not at all effective due to the velocity of the round:


    Loading magazines for the PS90 is also odd. You push round into the mag as they rotate 90 degrees to stagger into a column of 50:


    Also, hitting the range with a PS90 will certainly turn heads, and older folks gawk at how us young guys bring out such bizarre shooters when you start up some friendly banter.

    This range day I sighted in the mini ACOG at 20-25 yards:


    And I must say that I love this optic!


    Shooting five rounds at a time at this distance I painstakingly got the gun to hit where I wanted:


    On my last group I got it dialed in just a tad low at this distance, which is where I wanted:


    After this initial sight-in day it was time to hit the outdoor range to run the gun a little harder. For this I made a video. I apologize in advance for the wind noise folks:

    After a range session, cleaning the PS90 is a breeze. You simply press this button and pull the receivers apart:


    After this, pull out the bolt and you are done. You can of course remove the trigger group but this is optional:


    As for my overall impressions of the PS90, I think it is an absolutely excellent blaster and smile producer. The low recoil allows you to put rounds on target rapidly and with ease, but the unconventional ergonomics and hand positioning may turn some people off of this firearm. Having 50 rounds available to throw around is also an awesome feature, but I am struggling to find a use for this firearm other than range toy. With selective fire capability I would mount it on a rack above me in my hunting side by side, but as a semi I really do not have confidence that I could take down a feral hog with this gun. I also would not use it for home defense because I fear “militant homeowner shoots misguided robber with souped up uber assault gun” or at the very least having my gun taken as evidence and not getting it back for a long time. As a result, this gun is a range queen, but hey, I am content with that!

    Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more odd guns!

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.