AXTS Weapons Systems MI-T556 14.5” Carbine

    I had never heard of AXTS before this press release, but I am definitely intrigued by their product. I think the idea of a fully ambidextrous rifle (ready to go out of the box) is a great idea. And you get your choice of pinned muzzle device (if you are not doing it as an SBR). Does anyone here have any experience with their products? Comment below if you have.

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    AXTS Weapons Systems, a leader in innovative products for the AR platform such as the Raptor ambi charging handle, is proud to introduce the MI-T556 14.5” carbine. Every component of the MI-T556 has undergone rigorous scrutiny to produce a highly attractive and advanced rifle capable of maximizing the potential of even the most skilled marksman. Engineered for performance and longevity, the MI-T556 dissipates heat at a remarkable rate while maintaining tremendous accuracy. With it’s fully ambidextrous design, the MI-T556 is a versatile and ergonomic platform for today’s advanced warfighter.

    Based on the ambidextrous AX556 lower, the MI-T556 features right-side dual action bolt catch/magazine release, and right-side bolt release along with left-side magazine release in addition to the default controls present on standard AR lowers. The user- friendly ambi nature of the MI-T556 is further complimented by the inclusion of the AXTS Talon 45/90 ambi safety selector. Other standard features on the MI-T556 lower include a 3.5lb two-stage trigger, Magpul QD sling endplate, and the Magpul CTR stock installed on a Mil-Spec 7075-T6 aluminum receiver extension.

    The AXTS billet upper receiver is mated to a 7075-T6 aluminum foreend—retaining unprecedented rigidity while still allowing the user to quickly and easily remove the handguard if necessary. The MI-T556 features Magpul’s M-LOK system for quick and secure mounting of any MIL-STD-1913-based accessory. Ambidextrous functionality is retained in the upper, with the inclusion of the industry-leading AXTS Raptor charging handle.

    Beneath the MI-T556’s foreend is a stainless steel Shilen 416R-derived, with a proprietary AXTS barrel contour 1:8 barrel chambered in .223 Wylde. The MI-T556 will initially be released with a 14.5” barrel, guaranteed to 1⁄2 MOA*, topped off with the purchaser’s selection of factory pinned muzzle device from the following manufacturers: SureFire, AAC, Silencerco, BattleComp, and Knight’s Armament Corporation. Buyers may also send in their own muzzle device for factory pinning to 16” overall barrel length. The MI-T556’s bolt carrier is manufactured from case hardened 8620 steel with properly staked 4130 steel gas key. The accompanying bolt is case hardened 9310 steel, shot peened, HPT and MPI tested, and finished in a self-lubricating polished black nitride. Bolt lugs are CNC ground following heat treatment to insure the greatest accuracy possible. The MI-T556 is finished in low visibility AXTS Grey Cerakote and ships with one Magpul PMAG magazine.

    The MI-T556 along with an SBR variant will be on display at SHOT Show booth#7061. AXTS will begin taking orders for the MI-T556 in early 2015.

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