KPOS G2P Pathfinder PDW Conversion Kit

    FAB Defense, Israeli manufacturer of weapon accessories such as the KPOS pistol chassis and the Pentagon Magazine Kit, and subsidiary of The Mako Group, have introduced a variant of the KPOS that is compatible with SIG-style braces, offering a convertible pistol-caliber carbine package that is short, handy, and – most importantly – not an NFA item. From the press release:

    FAB Defense, the leading name in developing and manufacturing high quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment and weapon accessories for Israel’s military and police, introduces their latest innovation-the KPOS G2P Pathfinder.

    The KPOS G2P Pathfinder is the second generation of FAB’s popular KPOS PDW Conversion Kit. The Pathfinder replaces the buttstock on earlier models with a folding rubber stabilization tube. This innovative design provides defense and security minded shooters with the benefits of the KPOS system without the restrictions of SBR laws, so it is perfectly legal without purchasing a special federal tax stamp.

    The KPOS Pathfinder PDW Conversion Kit converts your handgun into a PDW-Personal Defense Weapon. Constructed from a solid piece of 6061 T6 billet-hard anodized aluminum, the Pathfinder includes rear/front backup sights and versatile tactical support. A built-in AR15-style charging/cocking handle mechanism makes it both ambidextrous and easy to use. It requires no special assembly or handgun modification and the removable front flash hider for silencer/suppressor attaches with a single bolt. Folded or open, the Pathfinder is the smallest and lightest frame compared to any alternative.

    There are model-specific Pathfinder conversion kits available for the following weapon brands: Sig , Glock, FN , Beretta, SpringField, CZ, and Jericho.

    The KPOS Pathfinder PDW Conversion Kit is distributed in the U.S. exclusively by the Mako Group. Dealers and distributors looking to enhance their line of quality conversion kits are invited to stop by The Mako Group’s Booth #20043 at Shot Show or call 631.880.3396 ext. 310 for immediate assistance.

    I’m having a very difficult time calling this one. On the one hand, pistol caliber carbines tend to achieve limited success at best, due to combining the size and weight of a rifle with the impotence of a pistol. However, the Pathfinder is a little different. It’s a pistol, not a rifle, and as such can have a much shorter barrel than a rifle. Further, unlike most pistol caliber carbines, it does not require the purchase of a separate weapon; your “carbine” is your pistol.

    MSRP has not been announced yet, but the older NFA chassis have been retailing for a little over $400. I think that’s on the edge of being cheap enough to really attract attention. If the MSRP of the Pathfinder ends up being even $50 cheaper, I would expect it to become reasonably popular.

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]