CZ 1911 A1

    cz 1911

    CZ-branded guns are now being made in the US. The first? The 1911A1.

    CZ will be showing their version of the 1911A1 at the 2015 SHOT Show. The pistol is designed to be a modern interpretation of the classic Government model, but with tighter tolerances and other changes.

    These guns will have walnut grips and taller sights. CZ deleted the lanyard loop. The frame and slide are carbon steel and the barrel is stainless. According to the company the single-action trigger pull should be 5 pounds “give or take a pound.”

    The gun will ship with two 7-round magazines, and will carry a suggested retail price of $849.

    CZ is not the only one introducing a GI-style 1911 at SHOT. Auto Ordnance will also be showing the $571 1911BKO.

    Richard Johnson

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