Stealth Gunpowder

    Stealth Gunpowder

    A new company called Stealth Gunpowder promises to introduce a new line of smokeless powders. The company is making some some fairly strong claims about the powder.

    According to the company, the new powders will:

    • produce no muzzle flash
    • burn 22% cooler than other powders
    • 13.8% more accurate than other powders
    • not cause blooming on night vision devices
    • decrease target re-acquisition time by 39%
    • significantly fewer “jams”

    The following video shows the difference between this company’s product and another unnamed gunpowder. While there is a muzzle flash, the Stealth Gunpowder is noticeably less. However, without knowing what it is compared to, the demo is not as useful as I would hope.

    Richard Johnson

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