Streamlight TLR-1 HPL

    Streamlight TLR1-HPL

    For 2015, Streamlight is now selling a new weaponlight called the TLR-1 HPL. This unit is an evolution of the TLR-1 line and a direct upgrade of the TLR-1 HP light.

    The TLR-1 HPL is an LED white light that mounts to any Picatinny accessory rail. Additionally, the light comes with “keys” that allow it to mount to neary any other accessory rail. The flashlight head is relatively large, and I found with my TLR-1 HP that it is best suited for a long gun.

    The unit is waterproof (30 minutes @ 1 meter.) The unit is rated at 775 lumens and 48,000 candela. It has a beam distance of 438 meters.

    Streamlight voluntarily adheres to the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standards. While these tests can be manipulated, I’ve found Streamlight’s runtimes to be much more in line with expectations than some other companies. While I did not see a output graph for this light yet, Streamlight states the light has a “regulated run time” of 1.25 hours and a run time of 1.75 hours to 10%.

    ANSI standards allows a company to list the run time to the 10% output level, so it would seem Streamlight is advising that the light will put out close to the maximum for 1.25 hours with a 30 min decrease to the ANSI standard run time.

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