Russian Tank/Jet Hybrid Double Barreled Water Cannon

    The Hungarians have re-purposed some surplus Russian Military hardware to make “Big Wind”. It is a T34 tank with its turret removed and replaced with twin MiG jet engines mounted to the treads. It spews water to put out massive fires. It is a giant double barreled super soaker on wheels. Actually it has 6 nozzles over the MiG engines. As it sprays water the engine jet blast sprays the water forward. The water is moving at a maximum rate of 220 gallons of water a second, or twice what an average U.S. household uses in 24 hours. If you hooked up this machine’s water pump to a typical suburban swimming pool, it would suck it dry in about 50 seconds.

    Big Wind needs three crewmen: a driver inside the tank to steer and stop it; a controller in a rear cabin at the back of the platform to run the jet engines and the water jets; and a fire chief who walks about 15 feet away, issuing orders to the two other crew members through a remote-control unit.


    For those who want to know more, here is a painfully long +1 hour video of the Big Wind Firefighter.

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