Phase 5 ABS – Arm Brace Stop

    Despite swirling rumors that Sig Arm Brace is now illegal to shoulder (its not), companies such as Phase 5 Tactical are forging ahead with new products directly related to the system. The brace is known for sliding over the complete stock, making it not suitable for guys and gals with longer arms.


    Phase 5 has released their ABS or Arm Brace Stop. The cleverly named device is designed for brace-specific buffer tubes and when installed gives someone an adjustable length of brace. (As we know from physics, the farther apart two points are to stabilize a force, the steadier it is).



    Phase 5™ Arm Brace Stop (ABS)™

    Compatible with the Sig Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

    • Built in QD Sling attachment location

    • Includes Allen Wrench and hardware

    • Precision machined 6061 T6 USA made Billet aluminum

    • Type III Hard Anodized satin black finish

    • Fits tube diameters from 1.20 – 1.25

    The Phase 5 ABS™ (Arm Brace Stop) is a billet aluminum arm brace receiver that locates the Sig Sauer™ SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace in most any desired location on a compatible pistol buffer tube. The ABS™ locates the Sig Sauer™ pistol stabilizing brace and prevents unwanted rotation and movement when installed correctly.

    The ABS™ also includes a Built in QD feature that allows the pistol to be used in conjunction with a quick detach weapon sling system.

    The ABS is available now on Phase 5’s site for $49.95. 


    Nathan S

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