Additions to the Charter Arms Pathfinder Line

    pink lady

    In 2015,¬†Charter Arms will offer two new colors to the existing Pathfinder line: pink and lavender. Each of the two guns has a new name that is in line with the company’s current naming conventions. The first is the Pink Lady, while the second is the Lavender Lady.

    Other than the finishes, the guns are identical to the existing Pathfinder revolvers chambered for the .22 WMR. The guns will have a 2″ barrel, and the cylinders will hold six rounds. Unloaded, the guns weigh 19 ounces.

    Both the Pink Lady and Lavender Lady have fixed sights and a full shroud for the ejector rod. The grips are made of a hard rubber and are full sized.

    The MSRP on both versions of the gun is $386.11. This is only a small premium for the new finishes as the existing handguns retail for $363.

    Richard Johnson

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