LAPD To Issue H&K MP7s to Motorcycle and K9 Patrol

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C
A Sheriff’s Deputy tells bystanders to leave as she closes off Leighton Way and Peacock Ave. in Sunnyvale on Oct. 6, 2011 during the manhunt for Shareef Allman. Allman was found and shot at a home on Lorne Way a block away. Shareef was the focus of a huge manhunt after an alleged shooting at […]Read More …

According to Tactical Shit, a high profile customer has seen LAPD practicing with select fire MP7s.

Rumor has it that the testing that began in 2013 has been completed and certain Motorcycle Police and K9 Officers are being issued the Elusive and Exclusive Heckler and Koch MP7 Sub machine gun in select fire versions.

Recently a high profile visitor to our shop confirmed seeing these officers training with these weapons in full auto at a California range.

Like many others, I wish H&K would make it for the civilian market like Kel-Tec is making the CMR-30 for civilians. They could easily go the pistol route like CZ-USA is with their Scorpion Evo3.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • BC BC on Jan 05, 2015

    Uh, why does the LAPD need a submachine gun? Why can't they order the semi-auto version? This seems a little fishy to me. Its not like they are in the Army or Marines overseas.

  • Guest Guest on Jan 08, 2015

    How much is the MP7's proprietary ammunition going to cost? Didn't the NATO study comparing 5.7x28mm and 4.6x30mm ammunition show that 5.7mm ammo could be manufactured off of existing 5.56mm manufacturing lines, while 4.6mm ammo needed more extensive tooling-up? That could mean 4.6mm might have to be imported from foreign H&K factories, or otherwise if demand gets high enough they'll have to build one Stateside.

    Then again, if the goal is to provide compact select-fire weapons to these LEOs, why go with a weapon that needs proprietary ammo? The Russians have had success with making SMGs (such as the PP-Bizon, or PP-2000) using AP variants of pistol ammo. I don't see a major reason why this couldn't be done elsewhere.