Glass Type 99 LMG

    Type 99 LMG

    For the ultimate in WWII firearms art, consider the all glass Type 99 LMG from Mickelsen Studios. This work of art is made of borosilicate glass using a process called lampworking. Borosilicate glass tends to be a harder glass that other forms that are used in lampworking.

    This work is 51″ long (about 1.3 meters) and appears to be a fairly close replica of the original WWII machine gun.

    Type 99 LMG

    During World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army used the 7.7x58mm Arisaka as a light machine gun. The glass version from Mickelsen Studios features a forward bipod and an attached bayonet. The buttstock monopod seen on some Type 99 LMGs is not replicated.

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