3 S&W Brand Flashlights

    Powertech, a Collierville, Tennessee based company markets these 3 lights under the Smith and Wesson brand name. All 3 lights are manufactured in China.

    First up is the Solstar Smart Light




















    This is a unique take on the ‘head light.’ According to the web site, “Solstar Smart Light Includes 2 Distance Seeking Sensors to Adjust Red and White LEDs to Ideal Brightness; 2 Red Nichia LEDs to Protect Night Vision and 1 Brilliant White CREE® LED.  The Solstar Smart Light is Constructed from a Sturdy Polymer with Rubberized Exterior Components; a Polycarbonate Lens to Prevent Scratches and Glare. It comes with an Adjustable, Deluxe Nylon Headstrap.”

    The light is powered by 3 common AAA batteries (1 set included) and has output of 20 /185 lumen (white) or 2 / 12 lumen (red) depending on distance to subject / target as measured by the distance seeking sensor.

    Activation is simple – press the right button to activate the Cree white LED and the distance seeking sensor is automatically active. Press the left button and the 2 red Nichia LEDs are activated with the distance seeking sensor. If you wish to override the distance seeking sensor, simply switch on the light and hold the power button down “for a moment”. You can then release the button, then press again and hold until the light reaches the level you desire. When the light is switched off, DSS is automatically re-engaged the next time the light is activated.

    The Distance Seeking Sensor is actually interesting, and works quite well.   With the light on red or white, looking down at my watch caused the brightness to drop – a quick but smooth ‘ramp’ up or down when looking at objects near or far.  This reviewer has not seen that feature before, and it could prove to be useful.


    List price $59.99

    Next up is the Galaxy Elite AA LED Flashlight



















    Easy light to like – very simple and uses 2 ubiquitous AA batteries. Rated output from the Cree LED is 200 lumen.

    Activation is simple – press the tail cap for momentary activation or twist the cap to lock ‘on.’


    Beam has a nice, snow white tint and seems to be set up for throw/distance.

    Included is a decent holster, lanyard and 2 AA batteries.

    List price is $39.95

    Finally, we have the M&P 12 Tactical Flashlight, powered by 2 123 lithium batteries.



















    This light seems to be aimed at the Military and Police markets (hence the “M&P” moniker.)

    From the SWFLASHLIGHTS.com web site:

    • Quick, Silent Tap Switch to Move Between High, Low, Strobe, and Momentary Modes
    • Easily Accessible End Mounted Switch for Momentary, Strobe, and Constant ON/OFF
    • Click On/Off Tailcap Switch to Prevent Accidental Illumination
    • Operable with One Hand
    • Anti-Roll Tailcap
    • Resistant, Diamond-Cut Knurling on the Casing for Easy Grip
    • Crenelated Bezel for Self Defense and Heat Dissipation
    • Combines a Precision Focused CREE® LED with (2) 3 Volt Lithium Batteries for Optimized Output and Runtime
    • Mountable to Most Standard Weapon Mounts
    • Maintenance-Free CREE® LED Never Needs Replacing
    • Impact Resistant
    • Waterproof
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Includes: 2 Energizer® 123 Lithium Batteries, Pocket Clip, Wrist Lanyard, and Nylon Holster

    The light has a nice feel in the hand, and a nice, snow-white beam.  The two levels are useful – using it on early morning walks with the pup the low setting is good for near field illumination while the high is powerful out to 50 yards or so.  The beam is somewhat “floody” and lights a large area.


    A nice aspect of the tail cap is that it will allow the light to tail stand.



















    Negatives?  Lights in this price range really should be bored to fit an 18650 rechargeable battery…although I tried a 17670 and it didn’t provide enough voltage to turn the light on, so the ‘boring’ is a moot point.  I didn’t try 2 16340 cells (rechargeable 123 size) as they provide typically around 8 volts fully charged – the extra voltage may be too much for the driver in the light.  Still looking for information, but there is no mention of compatibility on the Powertech web site.  Also, the “silent switch” is really stiff and ‘mushy’ – most lights in this price range have a more satisfying tactile feel.  That is a personal observation and may not matter to anyone else!

    The Galaxy and M&P 12 lights both are shown as having “Limited Lifetime Warranty”.   No mention of length of warranty for the Solstar.

    This light has a list price of $99.99 list price

    More information on these and all of the S&W family of lights can be found at http://www.swflashlights.com

    Dan M

    Love firearms and flashlights – and they go well together. I’ve been admiring and writing about quality flashlights for about 10 years…built my own integrating sphere….done a few mods. Proof positive that a 60 year old can still love toys!