Techna Clip Expanding Product Line

    Techna Clip is the company known for its line of frame-mounted metal clips that are meant to replace holsters. Part of their ad line is “bulky leather holsters don’t conceal, they bulge” and they advertise their clips as making your firearms “truly concealable.” According to the company their clips are easy to install, make rapid presentation possible, and, of course, remedy the “bulk” problem. Techna Clip also offers full refunds, apparently with no questions asked. And now, they’re expanding their line.


    New for 2015 are 9 additions to their gun belt clip line for the following models: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, Kahr, LC9s, Diamondback DB9, Diamondback BD380, Kel Tec P-3AT, Smith & Wesson J-frames, Springfield XDM, 1911 Colt Commander (Government and full-size models), Average MSRP is $34.95.

    Of the steadily-expanding line, Jonathon Turnbow, Techna Clip’s spokesman, said “We have had countless requests for these specific models and we are happy to be able to keep up with the high demand for our evolutionary Gun Belt Clips.” And judging by the company’s growth, these clips are enjoying a certain level of success.


    Personally I have some reservations about the use of a metal clip for securing my gun, whether for concealed or open carry. One issue is the fact that these clips leave the gun in full contact with your body which means perspiration and dirt will have no problem working their way onto the entire surface and into every crevice. For some guns that’s a bigger problem than others, for example, a friend with a steel-frame pistol ended up with a serious rust problem after carrying with full skin contact. It also raises the question of an unguarded trigger, and speaking as someone who has been concealed carrying a Glock for more than a decade now I admit I’d prefer my trigger not be left totally open. Re-holstering could also be a problem, because two hands are going to be needed; an easy one-handed re-holstering process is far preferable to needing to utilize both hands in order to return your gun to its place. There are a few other issues I see, but those are among the front-runners.

    Do you guys like these belt clips or do you, like me, prefer the “bulk” of a full-size holster?


    Techna Clip

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