HK416\HK417 KeyMod Rails and Carpe Diem

    So, what do you do when you want an accessory for your platform but one isn’t being made? Simple. You make it yourself. That is what Valentin Vlasenko of Sureshot Armament Group did after he bought a HK MR308 and found there were no available accessories.

    In the span of 4 months, he taught himself Solid Works, learned about extrusion and CNC 5-axis machining, and tried different materials (T6061T6, T7075, T2024 etc), and came up with the following KeyMod Rails, from design to production.



    Technical specifications

    Material: T6061T6 extruded and CNC’d
    Coat: Level III hard anodizing
    Length: 10″ and 14″
    Weight: 250 grams (8.8 oz) for 10″ version, 350 grams (12.4 oz) for 14″ version

    As a reader of this blog, and now a producer of accessories he said:

    I’m sure there are a lot of guys trying to invent something but who don’t have enough faith in themselves.

    What I want to say – if there is somebody with ideas already at some point of realization (3D models etc) – they can write me and we just can cooperate and bring their idea to the shooters.

    Which I think is a great offer. With the reader base that we have, I think there is a significant number of you that have a workable idea, fixing something missing for your platform, or improving upon something already out there. Why wait for someone else to make it?

    Valentin has put out to contact him via email ([email protected]) or on Facebook if you have have an idea and some modeling done and want to collaborate.

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