$100 .308 Suppressor

    There is a thread over at AR15.com that has some video, a parts list, and some rough instructions for building a suppressor:

    Okay, so not exactly $100 (since you’d need the $200 NFA stamp), but the parts can be had for that amount. But for $300, being able to construct your own suppressor doesn’t sound too bad. If it is functional, it would sure beat dropping $1k+.

    This almost makes me want to submit a Form 1 and give it a try. I would like to see a video of the construction, or maybe some assembly plans, but it seems pretty straightforward. I’d also like to see a comparative test against a commercial suppressor and this one with a decibel meter involved.

    Has anyone here gone through the process and created a suppressor? Does this seem like a reasonable and possible project?

    Thanks to Jay D for the find.

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