Tavor Gear: American Built Arms T*Rail

    The IWI Tavor has taken the US market by storm ever since its debut a few years back, and Tavor shooters are always on the lookout for manufacturers introducing new gear and accessories for the rifle.

    American Built Arms out of Pennsylvania has just released a nifty piece of gear at a great price point that will allow Tavor owners to practically and cost effectively install a forward grip or other accessory to the front end of the bullpup dubbed “the T*Rail”:


    The T*Rail installs with just a single (provided) screw:



    You could leave the rail bare and attach a cover if you switch accessories often:


    Of course being an AUG guy, I wanted to see if I could imitate the feel of the AUG’s iconic foregrip by attaching a VFG:


    The grip did not look out of place on the Tavor either:



    Now I broke my wrist a number a years ago and it is difficult for me to grip a VFG as intended, so I use them as a hand stop (similar to a thumb break or “compromise” grip):


    If you think you would like a foregrip or other accessory under the front of your rifle, do not hesitate to pick up an American Built Arms T*Rail. The aluminum version retails for $39.99 and a polymer offering will only cost you $24.99. All in all I am impressed with this piece.

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.