Saab Barracuda Soft Armor System

    Saab Group (out of Sweden) has developed a new type of modular armor which can be utilized in buildings or vehicles. It is lower cost than full ceramic (and composite) solutions, and adds in the ability to reuse and reconfigure the setup. The idea is that it is basically a hollow box (that can be assembled with standard tools), that is filled with a type of ceramic pellet. The ceramic pellets appear to be consumed as they absorb the incoming projectiles. “Resetting” the wall is as simple as refilling the wall with pellets. The boxes can also be joined to other boxes giving a near unlimited configuration.

    The armor can stand up against small arms up to NATO 7.62mm AP ammunition (STANAG level III). Here is a great video demonstrating it in use:

    I can see the utility for buildings, but not for vehicles. The armor weighs in at a hefty 180kg per square meter at 4.75 inches thick. For comparison that is about on par with the doors we had on our crappy HMMVVs in Iraq in 2007 (did anyone else have the super awesome 500 pound doors?). It does, however, beat out concrete, which weighs in a little over 500 kg (for the same dimensions).

    You can find out more information at:

    Thanks to Jim T. for pointing us to this.

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