The Importance Of Training (This Is NOT It)

    As the title of the Youtube videos suggests, “Worst ever ‘Tactical’ Shooting Video. My mother told me that you can always learn something from someone. And while I do not condone learning how to manipulate a weapon from these people, you can learn what NOT to do by watching them. I am truly concerned about what happens if and when these people ever pick up a firearm after their so called training.


    Just from my initial viewing of this video, there are so many things to pick out and criticize.


    This kid has his or her thumb behind the slide. Granted, they are shooting air pistols that do not have reciprocating slides, but poor training will cause poor habits.

    Sulsa Do Corps 2

    Sulsa Do Corps 4

    I am not even sure what the support arm is even doing because it sure is not helping to control and aim that air pistol.

    Sulsa Do Corps 3


    The taller guy with the head band has trigger discipline issues throughout the video. The girl is down range while they fire their air pistols. And the best part is that they are not even shooting any projectiles so they have no idea if they are making contact with the non existent targets that they are shooting at.


    And if that doesn’t make you want to sign up with them, check out their Grand Master David C Bateman. Check out his shin/knee tactical holster. Great place to keep that. LOL

    Sulsa grand master




    I hope this has brightened your day. Enjoy.

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