Weekend Photo: a .45 for your 45th

    YouTuber Rumblestrip.NET sent us photos of the custom 1911 he had built as a gift to himself on his 45th birthday.

    There is a tradition on one of the car boards that I frequent in the gun section where you get “a 45 for your 45th”. This is custom 1911 that I had built to run as a CDP/Single Stack gun. Rather than spend the money on a nice (Wilson, Nighthawk, Ed Brown, etc.) that would sit in a safe more than be carried, I thought spend the money on a nice competition gun that will get used. Here is the build sheet:

    Ryan Spencer built 1911 Single Stack .45ACP
    IDPA CDP Legal
    USPSA Single Stack Legal
    Standard Frame – STI
    Flat Top Slide
    Adjustable Novak Rear Sight
    .100″ Fiber Front Sight
    Front & Rear Serrations
    14lb Recoil Spring – Wolff
    17lb Main Spring – ISMI
    EGW Hammer, Sear, Disconnector, Sear Spring Long Curve Trigger
    Dawson ICE Magwell
    Dawson IDPA Legnth Mag Release Wolff #4 Mag Release spring
    VZ Grips with VZ screws

    Photo 911

    Photo 910

    hmmm …. a .22 on your 22nd, a .30 on your 30th and a .45 on your 45th all seems like great traditions. A 10mm (for you) on your kids 10th may be another worth starting up.

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