POTD: FN SCAR-L in South Korea

    Apparently the South Korean Special Forces are using the FN SCAR-L. A reader from South East Asia sent us photos of the Republic of Korea Army’s 707th Special Mission Battalion armed with SCAR-L rifles. Akaitama wrote …

    These are the photo of South Korea Special Force, the 707th Special Mission Battalion or the “White Tiger”, armed with FN SCAR-Ls. The FN SCAR-Ls appear to be CQC version and have lasers and Trijicon scopes. The muzzle devices seem to be of the “SCAR 16” version (Made in Belgium), not the “SCAR Mk.16” version (Made in USA).

    Here are two more photos of the White Tiger’s with their SCARs…

    707th Special Mission Battalion 1

    707th Special Mission Battalion 2


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