Next year is almost here. Help make the 2015 Puppies With Guns Calendar happen.

    We all know how it is. It’s getting close to Christmas and all you got her was another set of those stupid thick pink socks with the vinyl sticky crap on the bottom. Maybe you didn’t even buy them this year; you got a two pack last year preparing for this moment of forgetfulness and love-lost. Its okay. She took care of you when you barfed in the neighbor’s mailbox after shotgunning sangria. Your lady deserves better.

    We got your back man. Get the Puppies With Guns Calendar. Enough cute puppies to keep any wonderful lady happy for 12 months, and enough guns to keep you from buying more of them and pissing her off; for a week. Maybe.

    Head over to and check it out. Be sure to check the different levels of donations so you can get some fresh decorations for your walls, that way she quits complaining about your Slayer posters.

    Oh, and ladies, we love you to the ends of the world! Thanks for putting up with our crap, and shooting too!

    Full disclosure.  The person who is running the Kickstarter is Ben Haulenbeek, who is a TFB contributor under the pseudonym Primer.  TFB does not normally permit Kickstarter projects but Steve gave the OK to blog about this one.




    Beau F

    A career military service member, with multiple deployments to Operation Enduring Freedom & Iraqi Freedom. Beau has a passion for legit nylon, combat medicine, and of course all things that go boom.