Liberty Ammunition .357 Magnum Loads

    Liberty Ammunition 357 Magnum

    Liberty Ammunition is now selling a .357 Magnum load in the company’s Civil Defense line. The load uses a 50 grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of 2,100 fps.

    I’ve had a chance to run a lot of Liberty ammo over a chronograph. While short barrel pistols bleed velocity in any load, I’ve found the stated velocities in the Civil Defense line to be fairly accurate. For example, in the company’s 9mm load, every one of the guns I used that had a 4″ barrel (or longer) exceeded the company’s published data.

    Liberty uses a nickel-plated copper bullet in the Civil Defense line. The nickel plating gives the bullet better lubricity (less barrel fouling, increased velocity) than exposed copper.

    I’m of the opinion that most of the premium self defense ammunition on the market is going to adequately perform in the majority of situations. However, I also like to see companies experiment on the edges. Not only have I seen the 9mm version of this ammo make an impressive mess of store-bought beef, but it will also punch through windshield glass and steel car doors.

    Richard Johnson

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