POTD: Bengal Tiger Stripe AR

    Zachary, whose father owns Easton Firearms Refinishing, sent us this photo of a Bengal Tiger Stripe Cerakote AR-15 that went through the shop. It looks really good!  Zachary wrote …

    These are some of the recent Cerakote projects that have come through my fathers shop.

    The Camo A2 is mine, I really love the look but it is a little front heavy with the HBar barrel. I built it early this year on one of the Omni Hybrid Lowers we had replaced after the mag well fiasco, on the replacement the GI 30 rounders work but are still a little sloppy. Gen 3 P-mags work great though.

    The Bengal Tiger Stripe AR was a customer’s, It’s a DPMS Pattern AR-10. He wanted green in place of the orange and also polished the barrel himself. Came out great and really stands out.

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