Marines using Blindfolds as training aids

    An article on Marine Times talks about how Marines from 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines using blindfolds to increase weapon manipulation skills during training.

    Putting a blindfold on enhances the senses,” James said. “It teaches Marines to keep their head up and observe what is going on, but clear the malfunction. Also in low-vis, low-light they can clear their weapon instead of breaking out a light source and IDing their position to enemy.

    This is certainly an innovative and outside the box approach when it comes to training. However the Marines aren’t using the blind folds during live fire events. It’s refreshing to know that instead of pouring money into high tec training initiatives, they are coming up with things on their own that work for them. The training was apart of a three week long package to get them more in tune with close quarters fighting tactics.

    Note that the Marine in the picture has a Surefire X300 mounted below his PEQ 15. This is probably his personally purchased flashlight as the Marine Corps doesn’t issue X300s.

    Of course, Jerry Miculek has to one up this with a revolver…


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