6.5mm “Patriot Combat Cartridge”

    Forming the 6.5 Patriot Combat Cartridge (PCC) from virgin brass. Image is from rifleshooter.com

    One thing I have not yet gotten into is reloading, and I know very little about the manufacture of such things. I mean, I know how a round is constructed, but doing it, and further, innovating, is beyond my current skill set. I find things like fire forming and case trimming both fascinating and a little dangerous.

    Shout out to Bill for pointing us to this article discussing an interesting way (created by Illirian Engineering and Design) for adapting a standard .223 Rem casing to accommodate a 6.5mm projectile: http://rifleshooter.com/2014/11/6-5-patriot-combat-cartridge-6-5-pcc-6-5mm-wildcat-for-the-ar15m-16/

    Since it utilizes a 223 parent case and only requires the change of barrel and magazine in a standard AR-15/M16, you can use the rest of your setup, and presumably your shooting mechanics will remain the same.

    And no, I’m not going to include this in the weekly ammo prices… 🙂

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