Select Fire Mixup in SoCal

    Earlier today readers starting questioning the validity of the story Nick C wrote. I made a couple of contacts this afternoon but I primarily wanted to talk with the folks at SIG. There’s nothing like talking to the source to get the truth. I just got off the phone a short while ago with a representative of SIG who knows everything that happens with the company. That said I want to cut to the chase and let the readers know this story is 100% untrue. There was no incident as described nor has there ever been.

    The writer should have contacted me before posting so I could contact SIG and verify the incident prior to the story going live on TFB. I personally apologize to you the readers for this story ever making it online.

    I can assure the readers that SIG is a very efficient company with many safeguards against anything like this ever happening.

    With apologies,

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
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