Photos: Bushmaster BA-50 Kaboom

    Recently a TFB reader sent some photos from a local range where a reloader had a kaboom with a Bushmaster BA-50.  Below is the readers description of the incident. Glad to hear that no one was seriously injured.  Stay safe out there!

    I was at the range a few weeks back, and a few seconds after they went hot for the first round of shooting there was a loud explosion and lots of yelling. Someone had managed to blow up their BA-50, peppering himself and the person to his right with brass fragments. The rifle was destroyed; the bolt head held together but the rest of the bolt was pushed rearward, and the safety lug just bowed out the receiver instead of doing what it was supposed to do. He was shooting reloads, so I suspect he didn’t get them quite right one way or another. The bullet left the barrel, and clearly the bolt was in battery. No serious injuries, just a lot of small cuts and such on the shooter’s face and arms. He did manage to get blood all over the rifle though.


    IMG_8581 IMG_8599 IMG_8611 IMG_8619 IMG_8626

    Thanks Chris for the tip and photos!