1953 Bella Twin Debate: .22 Long Power


    Let’s take a little trip back in firearms history to 1953. The recently resurrected debate over Bella Twin, the woman who was reported to have taken down a grizzly with nothing but a .22 rifle. There have been quite a few debates over this big bear takedown, from how many rounds it actually took to what kind of rifle she used. Some say a single .22 Long to the head put the grizzly down while others say a photograph clearly shows as many as 9 wound cavities in the bear’s head, but here’s another question: ammo has changed a lot since 1953, not just velocity and energy but weight retention, expansion (or lack thereof) – so many changes over so many years – so, for a little good-natured Friday debate, who here thinks a .22 Long could take down a big, bad grizzly? Try to think in terms of the rounds produced 60 years ago – or don’t, reader’s choice.

    My two cents? Shot placement is certainly king, but that would’ve had to have been one fantastic shot and some amazing quality in a post-World War II .22 Long. Possible? Perhaps…

    TFB Staffer

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