Weekend Photo: The ultra-light “Ounces Is Pounds” AR-15

    The Battle Arms Development OIP “Ounces Is Pounds” rifle is an ultra-ULTRA-light AR-15.  Its proud owner David writes …

    It’s the lightest AR-15 ever available- under 3.9 pounds dry with 16″ barrel (11″ SBR is 3.6 lb). It’s called the OIP, manufactured by Battle Arms Development, and available through Bentwood Gunsmithing. The exclusive barrel is used under license by Knight’s Armament Corp. The only plastic used on the gun is the grip. Every component except the fire control is proprietary; made just for this project. The OIP’s operating system is tuned and balanced to achieve superior handling, and minimal recoil.

    I have not been able to find the specs on this AR, other than a page on the Battle Arms Development website inferring that it weights less than four lbs. Regardless of its weight and other specs, I can see from the photo that is is one very handsome gun.

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