A better look inside the Nambu Type 14

    I covered a number of WWII handguns in my last article and the associated poster project has been very successful.  So as a “thank you” to the community I finally sat down and mastered the basics of some more advanced animation.  This is my first attempt so be kind!

    The Nambu is often mocked for its weak cartridge and unusual layout, but internally it wasn’t all that far behind the times when it was invented.  Remember, the Type 14 here is just a simplification of the older “Papa Nambu” which seemed to be the military’s only Japanese-made option.  The locking bar arrangement we see here would have been suitable for a more powerful cartridge and the steep angle, large size, and clear sights make it a natural single-hand shooter.  The real failing of the Nambu is in the weak springs and brittle firing pin. It’s unfortunate the Japanese officials did not push the gun further.


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