POTD: A readers first gun (in the snow)

    Jake sent us two photos of his very first gun, a WASR 10/63, given to him by his father. He writes …

    This WASR 10/63 is my very first gun, received as a Christmas present from my father when I was 20.

    It’s gone through numerous changes since then. Currently it wears Russian polymer furniture, a US Palm pistol grip, and an Ulitmak rail. Attached to the Ultimak are a Bushnell TRS-25 with a QD mount and a Surefire G2 Nitrolon in a KZ offset mount. Other accessories include a Tapco slot brake, a Krebs custom fire selector, and a Condor sling.

    In addition to these upgrades, I’ve also sanded and polished the bolt guide rails and hammer (a Tapco G2) to smooth the action, and painted the furniture and magazine in olive drab.


    What was your first gun? Mine was a Savage bolt action chambered in .22 LR (I still have it, but I cannot remember the model number and its not at hand as I write this).