Taurus Announces “The Curve” ‘Printless’ Handgun

    Taurus has announced a new product for the concealed carry market. From the press release:

    (Miami, FL) – Taurus®, the global leader in revolver manufacturing, is redefining the handgun category with its newest introduction. The new, patented CURVE is a body-contoured .380 ACP that changes everything about concealed carry – so comfortable it’s easy to wear – everyday.

    Taurus tackled the challenge of designing a concealed carry handgun that is “print-free” as well as comfortable in any position on the body. Building a firearm with a curved grip frame was not an easy task. About the size of today’s smart phones, this little USA manufactured double-action only, semi-auto pistol packs 6+1 rounds in a highly concealable 5.18-inch package. Weighing in at 10.2 ounces, the CURVE combines innovation with functionality for close-quarter, personal security confidence when wearing this pistol. This curved polymer pistol has a carbon steel slide and a stainless steel barrel for increased reliability.

    Taurus takes safety seriously and incorporated a loaded chamber indicator as well as integrated the Taurus Security System® for long term locking storage. Taurus also provides a trigger protector that is fast and easy to deploy with a built-in lanyard for use when using the holster-free belt clip.

    Another industry-first, an integrated LaserLyte® LED light/laser combo system built within the frame makes for efficient target acquisition during most lighting scenarios. On the rear of the slide is the bore axis sighting system™ that is designed for instinctual point shooting at close distances. This subcompact handgun does not feature traditional sights to keep the concealed carry design smooth and snag-free. The textured grip and the low bore axis of this pistol deliver comfortable shooting and mild recoil.

    “We challenged our engineers to develop a handgun that was comfortable to wear. We wanted it to be as comfortable as wearing a watch every day,” commented Sarah Perry, Director of Marketing. “We wanted a concealed carry firearm that was designed for wearing against the contours of your body. The engineers eagerly accepted the challenge and three years later and after much testing, we are beginning production of the Curve,” continued Perry.

    Wearing the CURVE everyday provides the peace of mind needed for protecting yourself and your family in these uncertain times. Have the CURVE on your side – it’s the gun you wear!

    I suspect the deciding factor for this handgun won’t be related to the new theory of use it offers – but rather the price. If Taurus manages to produce the weapon for a cost appealing to a majority of consumers, it could find a place in the market. Otherwise, I suspect it will get lost among its competitors.

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    Taurus has set up a dedicated website for their new handgun. It appears to be primarily targeted at women, interestingly.

    Nathaniel F

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