Gun Explodes in Girl’s Hands

    In this old video (dating back to at least 2009) an adult man and a teenage girl are shown shooting M1 Garand rifles. The gun stock is to large for the girl and she is standing in that terrible bent back stance and is rocked back on her heels after every shot. After a few shots she pulls the trigger and it does not fire. She appears to then manipulate the bolt and inspect the action. When she fires her next shot the gun explodes sending pieces of the stock flying in every direction.

    Gun nuts have debated what went wrong for years. The quality of the video makes it hard to determine exactly what happened. There are two schools of thought. The first is that she fired a squib load that jammed a round in the barrel. When she fired the next shot the pressure caused the gun to explode. The other school of thought says that a round was fired outside the chamber. Either it did not chamber correctly or there was some type of slam fire (the round was detonated before fully chambering). I think the latter explanation is more likely. What do you think?

    Steve Johnson

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