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Alex C.
by Alex C.

If you have a room that is reasonably secure and feel like a free-standing gun rack might enhance the ambiance of your man-cave, or you just want to have some firearms readily accessible, then a gun rack from Campbell Industrial Supply might be for you. Their website shows many different models and variations to choose from, and as of November 2014 I have purchased three racks from them; a 9 gun vertical rack, a 10 gun rotary model, and a 9 gun magnetic vertical that is the subject of this article.

I have never been contacted by Campbell Industries and they have never reached out to us that I know of, but they just make good products at reasonable prices that I believe in and vouch for. In my gun room I use racks to hold mostly C&R guns or firearms that I have difficulty fitting in a safe (a Swiss m96/11 might as well be a pole vault). I Have posted a photo of my original 9 gun vertical rack before and it makes for a great display piece:

What I ordered this time was the exact same rack but with magnetized sections to hold the guns in place. The cost of the new rack was $373 and it arrived in two boxes via the brown truck:

When you open the boxes up you get a few pieces of wood wrapped nicely as well as some hardware:

When removing the foam I made sure not to scratch any of the wood and was left with the basic elements of a gun rack:

First I lined up one of the sides with the base and fastened it with the included hex bolts:

I did this for both sides.

Next I laid the rack on its back to fasten the upper portion and loosely tightened the bolts for each side:

On the rear of the rack are two sections designed for wall mounting the rack. I would be resting the rack on the floor so the bolt simply serve the purpose of adding rigidity:

After this you have a completed rack:

I moved my old rack over a bit and placed the new magnetic rack to the right of it.

That window does not lead to the outside.

After picking and choosing which firearms to display, I started “decorating” the TFB way:

From left to right, can you name them all?

I finally was able to pull some guns off the floor and get them properly displayed. Each rack also comes with a cable lock you use to run through the trigger guards of all the rifles for extra security.

With the completion of this rack my gun room is closer to being complete:

I take great pride in displaying this part of my collection that I have acquired over the years, and to me each gun on these racks represents history and craftsmanship (some noteworthy exceptions to craftsmanship). All in all, I feel like the price for one of these racks is reasonable, and whether you are a hobbyist or gun shop looking for a way to showcase your wares, a rack from Campbell Industrial Supply might be for you.

Alex C.
Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.

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  • James James on Nov 17, 2014

    I'm more interested in how the room is secured.

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    • Alex C. Alex C. on Nov 18, 2014

      @James 24 hi-def security cameras, server on site and off site backup, passcode lock to enter room, room in an unmarked industrial building, surrounded by razor wire fence, 24 hour monitoring, cell phone call and police notification when alarm is tripped. If thieves break in then the last things they are going to steal would be firearms.

  • Rocin Rocin on Nov 17, 2014

    Does he have enough mosins?