Handing in zip guns at buy backs

    Some glorious individual decided to take a duffel bag full of improvised slam-fire shotguns (of legal length) to a local gun buyback which was offering $50 for each gun handed in.

    slambangimprovisedshotgun (1)

    slambangimprovisedshotgun (5)

    slambangimprovisedshotgun (2)


    slambangimprovisedshotgun (6)



    Unfortunately on this occasion the officer manning the table was apparently instantly confused by the bag of pipes before him and cash was not offered. In some instances however, as high as $300 has apparently been given in exchange for such contraptions made from $6 worth of pipe.

    With a little more creativity and some black spray paint, something a little more scary wouldn’t have taken much more effort. I’m sure cutting out a convincing shotgun style stock, wrapping it in trash bags and electrical tape and adding a hinge to the barrel would have passed for a typical criminal’s beat up stolen single-shot.



    This little .22 pistol was apparently exchanged for a $100 gift card back in June.